approximately me

It feels a little bit me-me to write this, but for the ones who like to snoop around, I got you.

There are things that I know, which you'll find here, and things that I don't know that I don't know, hence the approximately me title.

I spend most of my "working" time on a computer thinking about how other people are using computers. My day job revolves working as a product manager in a software company, which basically means I try and serve a team of really smart people to get a product out of the door and craft it into whatever notion of a "successful" product we have at that moment is.

I'm super fascinated by the products that we surround ourselves with daily and I am curious of where we might be heading next.

I consider user experience design to be an artificial construct. We build it from our heads combining what we know we usually do with ideas on how we might use this new thing.  

I have been doubling down on this recently -  the consensus we established on what is the best way to use a product, with the long term goal of working on products that will minimize our risk of getting screwed in the long term by abusing or being abused by these products.

I think it might be interesting to keep a copy of this page at this time (November 2020) and see how things play out.