Some people (like myself) are really, really bad at staying focused, especially when trying to write something cohesive.

In an ideal world where my thoughts would magically come into existence already formatted, the ideal interface would act like a sort of stenographer, letting me do the thinking and writing scrappy stuff -  not having to worry about the other stuff.

Anything that is not writing therefore becomes an extra process that I need to go through that disrupts my thinking process.

But then I wondered why I use 3000 emojis on one app and absolutely hate embedding an image into the other.

My theory: Not having to lift my fingers from my keyboard.

Once adding a table, an image, an emoji, an anything becomes as easy as typing it then I don't have to think about it. And it gets me one step closer to my magical stenographer.

Some examples of my favourite apps:

this is how Notion's UX is around implementing anything that's not pure text
imagine having to search for a gif on giphy and embedding it into Slack

The smart thing it seems they went for is modelling all the experience around removing anything that is not writing.

Not adding emojis based on the industry best practices for apps in general but for this specific activity that this specific user is doing.

Tables. Never thought I'd get excited by tables.